So I applied for an inter-company talent promotion thing a few months ago.. and I got in! WOO! I did not expect that. The brief actually sounded a lot like Peggy in Fargo, trying to ~actualize~ and I am not quite sure what will await me, apart from networking and stuff. However, this brings me to the main issue:


I have no clothes. Correction, I have clothes but I have nothing that works as business casual. I wear Birkenstocks and Black Milk leggings (not at the same time) to work and nobody bats an eye. My team has zero outside contact and our dress standard is on par with IT. Our most recent (and first) dress code email was basically “no torn/ripped clothes, no bathing stuff and no flip flops”. I put some effort into my looks and I think I dress moderately cool but I have no idea how to do business casual, which is what I am aiming for when I meet people from other companies that belong to our business group.

Suggestions? I only have one blazer and I bought it when I graduated uni almost a decade ago.. but my SIL already offered to lend me some of hers. I am not necessarily looking for brands because I am in Germany and cannot shop most US stuff, but I would love style suggestions. I seriously have no idea what to expect and I want to buy stuff that I can still wear to work (or for future job interviews, haha). 


I also would like to buy a nice bag (I have been planning to do so for a while so this is a good excuse). I have an old beaten up thing which is fine but I would not want to bring it to a work event with people I don’t know. I like this bag but is it too casual?

Also, feel free to post any recent fashion etc purchases of yours you like :D

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